Business Process Analyst

Work Type: Full Time

Role Introduction

Finance and Business Process Analyst is expected to support maintenance and management of accounts, support in creating monthly / weekly MIS and ensuring that the business processes are on track through regular monitoring and follow-ups.


Scope & Responsibilities

Maintenance and Management of Accounts:

  • Support in preparing monthly Statement of Accounts and management MIS.  

  • Maintain records such as Invoices, Receipts, Bills, and Payments.

  • Bank Reconciliation, Cash Reconciliation, Payment Collection tracking and follow-ups through telephone and e-mail

  • GST Workings.

  • Ensuring Tally entries are done in a timely manner


Business Processes Support:

  • Maintain sales registers and ensure timely updation of sales pipeline related data through regular follow-ups

  • Ensure proper classification of business software, travel and employee related expenses

  • Support in conducting analysis of the efficiencies of the business processes 


Role Requirements

  • Strong knowledge of finance and accounting concepts

  • Good at oral and written communication

  • Tech savvy, able to understand and work on various software used for business processes

  • Disciplined at following set processes

  • Meticulous in maintaining books of accounts

  • Working knowledge of MS-excel / Google Sheets

  • Knowledge of Tally or any other accounting software


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