Human Resources

Office Manager

Pune   |   Full Time

Office Manager

Ought to be in Pune and willing to come to office daily

Need to be street-smart, comfortable with data & tech, strong communication and a multi-tasker

3+ years of experience - ideally from funded startups

Hiring manager: Nakul | Ashish

Interviewing panel: Nakul (role fitment), Kaushik (data savviness), Kunal (culture fit), and Ashish (overall smarts, ideas & prioritizations)

  • Reception experience at OS
    • Interactions & experience with Guests visiting the facility
    • Leaving a lasting impression amongst the guest (candidates, clients, well-wishers, investors, etc)
  • Concierge for OS
    • Taking care of all logistical requirements for OSians
      • travel, visa, documentation, couriering, deliveries, etc.
    • Corporate gift & memorabilia management & execution
      • one-off, event-based, internal & external (ex. tshirts, etc)
  • Admin & operations at OS
    • Managing the house-staff
    • Managing, upgrading & fixing the asset inventory
    • Vendor / Supplier discovery, negotiations and relationship management
    • Cost analytics & optimizations
  • Work environment / office experience
    • Owns the hygiene & decorum of the office premises (office, conferences, canteen, parking, etc)
    • Constantly seeks feedback from OSians and strikes the right balance in delivering the right experience

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