Analytics/Machine Learning

Data Scientist

Work Type: Full Time

Role Introduction

We are looking for a Data Scientist who is excited by the prospects of Mining Big Datasets, Deriving Actionable Insights, Building production-ready Predictive Models and have a direct impact on business. 

Scope & Responsibilities

  • Hands-on knowledge of Python for building production-ready data products.

  • Strong Statistical Analysis and Modeling skills.

  • Proven skills in Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, covering the spectrum of supervised as well as unsupervised learning algorithms.

  • Ability to grasp and work with new technologies quickly.

  • Knowledge of Reinforcement Learning is a plus. 

  • Some knowledge of big data technologies like Hadoop, Apache Spark will be an added advantage


Role Requirements

  • Bachelor’s or Master's degree in STEM. 

  • 3-7 years of relevant experience in applied Data Science.

  • An analytical approach towards problem-solving

  • Experience with data extraction and management

  • Experience with R, Python for Data Analysis and Data modeling. 

  • Ability to set goals and meet deadlines in a fast-paced working environment

  • Understanding of E-Commerce and Advertising as a domain. 

  • Willingness to work for a startup.

  • Individual Contributor with a sense of Business Acumen and a hunger to make an impact. 



  • Startup-y. We believe Startup is a mindset. It’s about being scrappy, being nimble, solving tough problems with constraint resources and more. It’s about working hard and playing hard

  • Enterprise SaaS. Opportunity to work with a Enterprise Product SaaS firm with aspirations of growing 10x across the globe

  • AI led Retail Tech. We are working to digitize & democratize one of the most exciting and growing vertical - Retail Tech leveraging data, machine learning and automation (culmination of ad-tech, mar-tech and analytics for Retail vertical)

  • Meaningful work. This is not just a job. You can find a job anywhere. This is a place for the bold to get paid who make a real impact on business

  • No red tape. Say goodbye to pointless meetings or political hoops to jump through. We’re scrappy, believe in autonomy and empower our teams to do whatever it takes to do the unthinkable

  • Problem Solving. We ignite the best in you. We exist not only to deliver meaningful innovation but to ignite and inspire the creative problem solver in you

  • Quirky & fun. Enjoy new skills and hobbies like being a quiz master, playing board games, trying your hands on percussion, playing Djembe and spreading love within the org!

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