Graphic Designer Intern

Work Type: Full Time


At, we are building the world’s #1 platform experience for Co-Op and Collaborative Marketing. Our platform hosts a comprehensive suite of Apps converging Advertising, Marketing and Demand Planning needs of 1000s of Merchants and Sales Channel Partners for Retailers and Brands respectively. The world of co-op marketing, while being 100+ years old and a $150+ Billion industry as of 2019, is riddled with elementary, archaic and fragmented processes (sometimes non-existent). We believe this part of the industry is ready to get disrupted by embracing digitization and technology.

Retail Media Monetization can yield upto 8% of revenue as ad monetization income, contributing directly to the bottom line of the retailers we work with. And we are in pursuit of democratizing Retail Media Technology.

Role Introduction

An exciting and ground-level opportunity in a fast-moving, fast-thinking, vibrant and an international marketing technology SaaS firm.

This is a great environment to grow and thrive for someone willing to work on a compelling graphic design portfolio, gain experience working in a multi-Billion$ B2B industry and work closely with the Marketing and Sales industry experts.

What will you do @OnlineSales?

  • Translate business and Client requirements into highly effective design solutions

  • Create compelling and creative visual content working alongside the Marketing and Sales Teams (e.g. with  Content Specialist) to bring the assets to life through smart, visually appealing brand-guidelines driven creative work

  • Build , manage and own a creative repository of digital assets and templates 

  • Work directly with the Sales and Marketing /Senior Management teams and support them in designing visually appealing Sales Presentations, Proposals documents etc. as per branding guidelines

  • Maintain quality assurance through constant evaluation during product development

  • Ensure creatives are delivered with high quality

  • Prioritize and manage multiple requests within design specifications

  • Should have a clean style with a minimalistic approach in terms of design elements

  • Must ensure consistency across all designs as per brand guidelines

  • Must assure timely delivery of all campaigns to the respective stakeholders

You will be a great fit, if you have:

  • Skilled in using graphic design tools, of which the Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and/or others) and Microsoft Office Suite (MS Powerpoint, Word and others)

  • Good listening and communication skills

  • Strong planning and time management skills, ability to manage multiple projects at once, often with tight deadlines

  • Good problem solver attitude

  • Strong conceptualization and visual communication abilities

  • Thorough knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and related design softwares

  • Well-versed with commonly used sizes and guidelines across mediums - online & offline


  • Startup-y. We believe Startup is a mindset. It’s about being scrappy, being nimble, solving tough problems with constraint resources and more. It’s about working hard and playing hard

  • Enterprise SaaS. Opportunity to work with a Enterprise Product SaaS firm with aspirations of growing 10x across the globe

  • AI led Retail Tech. We are working to digitize & democratize one of the most exciting and growing vertical - Retail Tech leveraging data, machine learning and automation (culmination of ad-tech, mar-tech and analytics for Retail vertical)

  • Meaningful work. This is not just a job. You can find a job anywhere. This is a place for the bold to get paid who make a real impact on business

  • No red tape. Say goodbye to pointless meetings or political hoops to jump through. We’re scrappy, believe in autonomy and empower our teams to do whatever it takes to do the unthinkable

  • Problem Solving. We ignite the best in you. We exist not only to deliver meaningful innovation but to ignite and inspire the creative problem solver in you

  • Quirky & fun. Enjoy new skills and hobbies like being a quiz master, playing board games, trying your hands on percussion, playing Djembe and spreading love within the org!

  • Competitive Comp & Benefits. We know the power of compounding and are stubborn about building long-term relationships. Our compensation design is not only competitive but also prudent.

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