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Customer Success Lead

Work Type: Full Time

Role Introduction

We are looking for a business savvy Operations Manager (Customer Service Manager) who possesses a strong drive for delivering client value & results. This role will have to build and lead a team of CSRs, Engagement and Account Managers which will undertake a broad range of tasks such as maintaining ongoing customer relationships and networking, implementing success programs, contributing to sales, onboarding and training clients, achieve the quarterly & annual revenue targets and managing any gaps on the delivery front. The role will also assimilate & distribute industry insights to Client stakeholders. Successful candidates must be social, analytical, possess an aptitude for learning and using new software, and be able to communicate clearly and effectively. 


Scope & Responsibilities

  • Owner of NPS for channel partners(dealer/outlets/stores/hotels etc.) of a large account or an industry cluster (e.g. Automotive or Retail)

  • Ensure highest standards of Service and Client Satisfaction meeting SLAs, winning advocacy and testimonials from these clients; target Zero Customer Escalations

  • Manage/Lead/Train and work closely with the customer helpdesk/success/experience team to deliver great overall experience to customers

  • Act as the first level of escalation for any customer issues, and resolve the same in an effective and timely manner

  • Work closely with channel partners to train them in rendering great service. Act as the voice of the customer and share learnings from the field with cross functional teams

  • (Sales/CS/Product/Marketing) . Proactively suggest and execute initiatives to deliver customer delight

  • Understand the hyperlocal platform and offering , and also the related impact on the channel partner's business . Become a thought leader and an ally/advisor their growth

  • Design an engagement strategy to engage with channel partners in different segments (e.g. in person interactions with large partners, virtual with smaller ones etc.). 

  • Plan, Hire and Train staff with best Standards of Service including timely reporting, and communication/business etiquettes

  • Maintain and Boost the Morale of the Staff to excel in all service experiences

  • Proactively identify issues, highlight and resolve them systematically

  • Work with Operations Head and/or Customer Success Team towards continual growth of the revenue and NPS from partners and undertake specific initiatives towards this goal.

  • Enforce adherence to systems and processes across all steps , and ensure relevant cross functional reporting

Role Requirements

  • Good Communication and Leadership Skills, and experience in handling channel sales partners 

  • Demonstrated ability to create, develop and enhance customer relationships

  • Demonstrated ability to enforce processes and systems in a large operating environment

  • Excellent learning skills, attention to details, and a bias to proactively resolving issues and results-driven. 

  • Team player 

  • Takes ownership of his work 

  • Ability to build effective relationships with key stakeholders including senior management and channel partners 

  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment and maintain superior service standards

  • Proficiency in data analytics, interpretation and reporting . Strong analytical and critical reasoning skills to interpret key data points to arrive at relevant decisions/conclusions


  • is helping multi-outlet (or merchant network-driven offline brands) efficiently transform and scale Co-op Marketing across their sales partner networks. ML-led hyperlocal campaigns and management are encouraging brands in managing Co-op Marketing with a new, all-digital, and automated approach.

  • Startup-y. We believe Startup is a mindset. It’s about being scrappy, being nimble, solving tough problems with constraint resources and more. It’s about working hard and playing hard

  • Enterprise SaaS. Opportunity to work with a Enterprise Product SaaS firm with aspirations of growing 10x across the globe

  • AI led Retail Tech. We are working to digitize & democratize one of the most exciting and growing vertical - Retail Tech leveraging data, machine learning and automation (culmination of ad-tech, mar-tech and analytics for Retail vertical.

  • Hyperlocal and co-op marketing is the next market disruption in the marketing world. Be a part of the rocketship.

  • No red tape. Say goodbye to pointless meetings or political hoops to jump through. We’re scrappy, believe in autonomy and empower our teams to do whatever it takes to do the unthinkable

  • Problem Solving. We ignite the best in you. We exist not only to deliver meaningful innovation but to ignite and inspire the creative problem solver in you

  • Quirky & fun. Enjoy new skills and hobbies like being a quiz master, playing board games, trying your hands on percussion, playing Djembe and spreading love within the org

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